Good Afternoon,

I just finished my lunch, and felt it was the proper time to thank you. During lunch I ate my sandwich and bit into fruit and vegetables without pain or difficulty for the first time in about eight years. I have appreciated not only your skill and professionalism but that of your staff as well. You have converted a dentist averse patient to an enthusiast. You warm open nature and your friendly pleasant staff make visit a pleasure. 

I would be remiss if I didn't thank you for having a smile better than I have had since I was a child with milk teeth. 

Best regards,

Joe  S.



Dear Dr.Csillag

This note is to tell you how pleased I am to have been referred to your

practice by my trusted friend and dentist of many years who recently

retired,Dr Donald Disick.My trust in him continues as yours is a remarkable

practice.You and your staff ,Bonnie,Cindy and Stephanie are consistently

warm and welcoming,polite and professional,attentive to my needs----caring

and confident,concerned and courteous----informative,knowledgeable and


This is a FIVE STAR TEAM!!!!----with talent,skill and

creativity.And, teeth are beautiful and you`ve given me back my


Sincerely and with many thanks.


Be seeing you all soon to finish the rejuvenation of yours truly.



Dear Doctor Csillag:

                We want to go on record to express our deep appreciation for the wonderful patient atmosphere and skillful services you’ve provided for us both for 30 years.  Always available, always pleasant, always professional and, importantly, always fully informed of and skilled to the top level of the “state of the art.”

                Besides the excellent dental care we got, there was always the totally comfortable aura of our visits stemming from the fresh and bright and satisfying treatment we received from those who worked with you over time; as now, the great ones, Bonnie, Stephanie and Cindy.

                If I were to put an essence on this whole matter of our relationship it would be to say that,

      You cared, they cared and we cared.

                Practicality will have its way, however, and we regret having to leave all that wonder in order to be more prudent about driving distances such as from Scituate to Newton as we have done now these 15 years.

                We wish you all good health, full and happy lives and, as we will carry, great memories.


                                                                                                                Clare and Dick Dennis

Dear Bob,

Thanks for the masterful work on the crown you
fashioned for me in a single visit.
It is always positive and constructive in our
office visits.
O.S.S,  M.D.


"I came to Dr Csillag in August because I had a problem with a loose crown on a dental implant. My previous dentist was unable to get the abutment back out of my implant and did not call me back with a plan of how to repair the work he had done. It was a new restoration. Only a few months old. Dr Csillag worked very hard to get it apart and was able to save my implant and place a new abutment and crown. He was amazing and never told me he couldn't solve the problem. I was very impressed with how knowledgeable he was and how he could problem solve. He ended up repairing another implant of mine and replacing a crown. All of his work has been amazing. I've switched to him as my dentist because I am confident in his ability to take care of any issues. I am so grateful to him for finally having a mouth that is not in pain. His staff is so nice and welcoming as well. I would highly recommend him."  Kristina 

"I have been a patient of Dr. Csillag's for many, many years now, and I could not be more impressed with him and his entire staff. Technologically speaking, he is at the forefront of his craft, and his skills are equally as impressive."

"Moreover, what sets Dr. Csillag apart is his genuine concern for his patients. I recently called the office, as I was in substantial discomfort. Dr. Csillag had me come in that very same day. He listened to me, took me seriously, examined me thoroughly, and helped to alleviate my pain. That behavior is a rarity these days! "

"Sixteen crowns later, no more pain from ground down teeth, and a more relaxed smile. It took a while for Dr. Csillag to convince me to take the plunge and now I'm very glad I did."

"Dr. Csillag has been my dentist for 20 years and I would never consider going to another practice. He and his staff are extremely competent, professional and helpful. I would highly recommend his practice to anyone looking for a dentist."

"I have been a patient of Dr. Csillag's for most of my 20 years in Newton. He and his team are always upbeat, information filled, and focused on my care. There's little "dentist" like about this experience. It's very personalized and specialized healthcare.

As you know, we have been patients for a very long time and do make referrals to your office.  This speaks for itself.

I always appreciate everyone's good humor, efficiency, courtesy, and kindness.  Stephanie is always extremely thoughtful and kind when she is with me;  it is fair to say she makes a real difference in my life given that I am a dentally sensitive person.  I also always notice how spotless and technologically up to date your office is. EDS

From: Owen S Surman M.D.

My last visit with Dr.Csillag began with a thorough cleaning
performed with attention to both precision and patient comfort.
This was followed by scheduling screening of mouth and tongue
to assure there was no sign of early malignant change.

Dr.Csillag reviewed all findings and identified need for a 
return visit for revisit of a filling. As always his 
demeanor and technique were assuring and exemplary
of comprehensive preventive care.


Dr. Csillag, Stephanie, Cindy, and Bonnie are all professional and caring. They will go out of their way to address any needs you express.  My husband and I have been patients for over 30 years, and so we know. The office is modern and efficiently run, but has a honey touch which we like.

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